Culture Show BBC2

Karl Pilkington – Slapped By a Jellyfish

Three days of filming with Karl including a very long drive to Cheltenham for the book festival, oh and I got my car broken into in a multi-story car park in Chinatown so also had to drive with a sheet of blue gel gaffer taped to the back window, sounded like someone playing a snare drum in the back.

Karl Pilkington – Laughter in Art

After filming was finished Karl gave me one of his cartoons that he’s signed (I must get it framed)

Local Hero

Traveled to Pennan in Aberdeenshire to interview Bill Forsyth on the 25th anniversary of Local Hero. Mark Kermode drove my car into shot near the beginning.

There was no mobile reception in Pennan and because it was facing north it never seemed get any sun.



Kermode Awards

The time I met Ken Russell

Roberto Savianno

The Camorra said that Roberto Saviano would be killed by Christmas, we were sent by the BBC to get to him before they did.

I was sent to Dublin to film interviews and studio performance with U2.